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Entrepreneur Bookkeeping Program

This training/coaching program is for entrepreneurs who know they need to better manage their business finances but just don’t  know how. 

Goal – teach you how to develop a money relationship with your business by: 

  1. Learning good bookkeeping practices
  2. Developing good record keeping habits
  3. Managing your cash flow better.  

Basic Bookkeeping Coaching Program – 6 Week – $425

  1. Accounting system selection and set up
  2. QBO
  3. Xero
  4. FreshBooks
  5. Money Mondays – personal weekly accountability and motivational support
  6. MY Why™ Cash Management System – Cash Rules!! I give you the tools needed to better manage your cash so you can
  7. Pay yourself consistently
  8. Save for taxes – tax time can be less taxing!
  9. Invest for future – funding
  10. Pay your bills on time
  11. Pay off debt.

After Care Basic Subscription – Month to Month Commitment – Full payment $75

  1. Continuation of Money Mondays  

After Care Premium Subscription – 3 Month Commitment – Full payment $375 or $125/monthly for 3 months

  1. Same services as Basic Subscription
  2. Includes (3) 30-minute advisory sessions  

Our Work – We will give you the tools, strategies to help you build a profitable, sustainable business so you can stop dreaming and start experiencing your business “why”!

Your Work – Show up completely.  Be coachable, open, and ready to do the work.

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